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2 For 1 Uber and Lyft Sign LED Light For Sale glow light led driver removable sign for car windshield Window USB Powered On/Off Switch for uber & lyft rideshare driver.

Package included: 

1x Uber and Lyft Car LED Sign

4x Suction Cup


12 in stock

2 For 1 Uber and Lyft Sign LED Light For Sale glow light led driver removable Sign for car windshield Window USB Powered On/Off Switch for uber & lyft rideshare driver.

How Does an Uber Light Up Sign Work? (keywords: how do light up signs work, how do you turn off a light up sign)

In this section, you will learn about how light up signs work and how to turn them off.

Light up signs are used for many different purposes. They can be used in store fronts to advertise products or services. They can be used as a decoration for a party, event, or birthday party. They can even be used for business promotions like coupons or specials.

There are two ways that light up signs work: electroluminescent (EL) and LED-based. EL lights use electricity to produce light from an electric current passing through a phosphor coating on the inside of the sign’s panel glass while LED-based lights use LEDs to produce light from diodes that emit red, green, blue, yellow, and white colors in various combinations.

  • Super bright LED light makes your car stand out in traffic day & night,easy to be found from long distance and you will never be missed ever again by your passengers
  • Easy to spot — Do you lose riders because they can’t seem to find your car? Increase rider satisfaction and stand out from the rest when you decrease wait times and increase your number of trips and tips! Your car visible from far away and you will not be missed ever again !
  • BOTH UBER & LYFT IN ONE PANEL — The Uber Lyft logo sign is designed for all ride shares, no matter you are a uber or lyft driver, if you want do uber business, you can light the uber sign, if you want do lyft business, you can light the lyft sign, very convenient for all uber lyft drivers.
  • IMPROVE YOUR CUSTOMER RATING — The Uber Lyft sign is what you have been looking for to differentiate yourself and get better reviews. Don’t get left behind – this product is the new standard and your customers will love it!
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Item type:uber/ lyft LED Sign

Item size: 19*11cm

Light source: LED

Light color:blue/ purple

Light type: Light Panel

Lifespan: 20,000 hours

Design: lyft Sign

Power supply: DC 12V inverter with car cigarette lighter

Function: Light Sign for TAXI, easier for passengers to recognize.

Application: Car Window or other place, suitable for all 12V cars.

Installation:Easy hook on and off with suction cup remain on the


Tips:Dripping a little bit of water, can help you let the suction cups adsorb to the card and glass better

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