Pafin Pou Gason Parfume Intense Cedrat Boise By Mancera Parfums

Bon Pafin Santibon Pou Gason Intense Cedrat Boise By Mancera Parfums Homme | Koman Yo Mete Pafen Cologne, Fragrance, Parfume Eau De Parfum or Toilette pour garcon by LakayExpo Haitien Business Online Marketing directories

INTENSE CEDRAT BOISE BY Mancera Parfums Homme Fragrance EAU DE PARFUM “This perfume extract opens with a sharp, zesty burst of blackcurrant and citrus, Cedrat Boise quickly lays down a sexy heart of jasmine and patchouli beneath the lingering fruity freshness, remaining lively for hours before slowly melting into a sumptuous base of cedar, sandalwood, leather and musky oakmoss. The one to choose when you can only choose one. Head Notes Sicilian Citrus Fruits, Hot Spices, Blackcurrant. Heart Notes Patchouli Leaves, Leather Notes, Jasmine, Cambodian Oud & White Sandalwood. Base Notes Amber Grey, White Musk, Vanilla Pods & Wild Oakmoss.”

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